The US government paid a $44,900 COVID disaster loan to an Oregon grocery store that doesn’t exist

Alyssa Parks doesn’t own a grocery store, even though the U.S. government thinks so. In July, the Small Business Administration (SBA) paid $44,900 to provide critical disaster relief for a fictitious grocery store.

Fraudsters listed Parks as the business owner on the SBA loan application and her home address as the grocery store location.

“I’ve never owned a business before. I’ve never been part of any small business,” said Parks, a wife and mother of three young children. “I’ve never applied for any sort of business loan.”

Parks is one of countless Americans saddled with bogus debts after the government handed out potentially billions of dollars in fraudulent COVID-19 relief. She’s struggled to get answers from the SBA and fears the bogus loan could have a lasting effect on her family’s financial record.


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