Tall Woman And Short Man Share Dating Struggles

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The way that we were positioned in like cuddling with one another and the high schooler’s someone came up and said that’s backwards he’s supposed to be doing that to you. I think that was just like my name is EC Joe Lopez I’m 32 I am 5-2 and currently single.

I’m Samantha I’m 31 years old, I’m six foot four and recently single. how do I feel about my height well right now I’m okay with it but when I was younger, I really really hated it there’s times even now that I wish I was taller I mean everybody wants to be taller I pretty much like my Heights.

there definitely are some days where it’s a little bit more difficult, but in general I have women that always come up to me complimenting me on my Heights complete strangers. I’m six foot four and it’s a struggle for online dating I think a lot of guys just don’t even want to go they’re like nope she’s taller than me. I won’t even think about it I have the same struggle with online if I put a 5 – nobody wants to like you know swipe right .

so I have a little difficult with that I usually don’t get matches and when I do get a match like, I like  messaging back and they just disappear me from I get a lot more of the weird like fetish .she literally getting asked if I can send pictures of my feet because I’m so tall obviously, I have big feet you know literally been asked like I’ll pay you money okay not that broke this month I think in person my personality comes out more and in real life it’s like ,oh that’s not that much of a difference, I don’t really notice it as much in real life.

I have a little trouble as well ,what I try to do is try to put my personality at the same level so like if I’m short i’ma try to you know beat it with my personality but I do like think that it affects me and I think girls do actually like feel more physically attracted to like a taller guy I definitely think that that shorter men have it harder when it comes to dating even though I feel like people perceive me as more dominant or masculine I think that’s easy for me to overcome with how I dress and if you’re trying to like overcome your masculinity you come off as a douchebag you just have to be yourself a common struggle that I have with just dating in general is guys assume that because I’m so tall that I’m like rough and tough I definitely gets a little bit frustrating walking me home at the end of the night like if we’re in the neighborhood it’s like oh you’re fine you’re six foot four you might be right but I still want to feel like a lady I still want you know like them to make help me feel protected

I don’t get that a lot and I feel like I probably overcompensate with how girly I talk or dress to really make it like I’m feminine with me totally the opposite or they see me lacy like oh he’s like 5 foot he’s what he’s gonna do he’s gonna protect me you know I do think Heights standards reinforce gender roles because it’s this like physical embodiment of the woman is the damsel and the man is the breadwinner I would actually get that comment a lot of oh who wears the pants here or like an even in my last relationship we were the same heights we were both six foot four but it was still nope this is this is backward I went to a bar with my friend and there was this girl right there and I went to talk to her and like she pushed me like she physically pushed me she’s like are you too small for me and like I was like oh okay it really like affected me like I usually don’t let things affect me you know like it really hurt like hurt me so I just like walked away on a constant basis if I’m walking down the street I get called at a common phrase from I don’t even know middle school on is damn she’s a huge yeah yeah yelling it in a car driving past walking on the other side of the street that’s not obviously rejection because I’m not trying to date that up but still it definitely sits with you like yeah it does like sometimes like I’m walking I could hear like comments like I said I’m passing by like oh he’s short or something you know a little something I’m like oh okay I just don’t pay attention but I was like oh I heard it and I’m like damn it makes me question myself like oh did I do something wrong like you know and then you’re like oh maybe it’s because like my height I think the same as well I would love for people to see past my heights my empathy my caring Ness I would just like for the missing Who I am like very lovable very giving cares about people

I feel that I don’t get that opportunity that often I think height standards are maybe not necessarily healthy if there’s a strict adherence to these standards this is what I need understanding that you’re attracted to a certain type of person though mm-hmm that is healthy as long as you’re not making other people who are outside of that attraction feel bad about themselves they might not be healthy but I think it’s just natural it just like everybody has that everybody that date’s is gonna be dealing with a certain issue within themselves mine just happens to be my height you

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