5 Top Video Marketing Tips

Here are some points you must incorporate in order to have a successful marketing video


The main thing not to forget is to ensure that any video that you have, whether it be on YouTube, Vimeo or your own website is to have clear branding. The name of your business, its URL info and any other information that will get a potential client to get in touch with you easily. Don’t get lost in the visuals and ignore putting the real message across.


Know what it is that you are saying. Is your video to educate the public or are you instructing them to do something. Do you want to raise awareness? If you understand how you want to explain and inform others about your business then it is vital that you keep this uniform in all the marketing that you do as it will also filter through to the comments area as well. Think of the tone and manner in which you portray yourself.

Be Personal

It is always a good thing to tell it as it is. Do you have a story to tell that you have experienced? If you share something and appear friendly online, then this will attract people to you. Interact and engage with your clients. Evoke emotion in your video so that they can connect on a certain level with you and your business. After all, successful business relationships are based on how good a rapport is with the ones you are dealing with.

Create action

It’s all well and good to show moving graphics and footage, but what is it that you want your viewers to do next after they have seen your video? You can’t just show a video and give them your contact details and hope for the best. Activate them in some way. Give them something to do at the end of your video. For example, direct them to a link of your website. Let them apply for a demo or fill out a free consultation form so that you can call them back and talk further about how you can help them through your services.

Stand Out

There are billions of videos online. Some are not informative but just for fun, yet a majority of them have a purpose and are trying to direct traffic towards their business. You must freshen up your video marketing in order to stay on top. Add a little humor, make it fun. Keep it interactive in some way so that your viewers don’t get distracted or bored. You are trying to invite them into your arena. Making a video and not following it up with new material will only make your video blend in and be lost among the others.