Improving Colorado Springs Small Business Through Technology

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Improving Small Business Through Technology in Colorado Springs

Home to multiple technology-reliant Air Force Bases such as Schriever and NORAD as well as a number of medium-size aerospace firms, Colorado Springs is a computer-savvy city. But for small business owners in the Springs, the realities of embracing technology can be a lot more challenging than for your average multi-national with its own IT department. Because chances are, you’re the IT department, right? Here are the six basics of how technology can help your small business for next to nothing:

1. No matter what your line of business, you need a web presence. If you can’t afford a website, at the very least buy a domain name for your business. It will set you back around ten bucks and you can set up a very basic contact page on your site for next to nothing.

2. Social media is your friend. Set up a local business Facebook page and connect with other local businesses. Join Facebook groups relating to local interests and be an active participant in your Facebook community. If you don’t have a website, you can arrange for your domain name to be redirected to your Facebook page as your main web presence. Facebook can be used for marketing, customer service, and just interacting with your target audience.

Colorado Springs Small Business Computer Storage Racks

Colorado Springs Small Business Computer Storage Racks

Once you get the hang of Facebook, congratulations! Then you can graduate to Twitter.

3. List your business on Google Maps so it comes up in local web searches.

4. Sign up for an email marketing service to capture your clients’ contact details and contact them with offers and promotions.

5. Clear space in your office for server racks or just computers if necessary. There are a lot of tools out there that can do this, try this one for finding storage in the Springs. Don’t let not having enough space be a problem, you need to prioritize here.
6. Use apps to track your expenses, and accounting software to invoice clients and send payment reminders.

7. Electronic time scheduling is a dream, especially for teams.

Wherever you’re based, from Monument to Security, there are dedicated small and local IT businesses who can help you get the tech basics in place. Don’t try and do it all yourself, or all at once. Take advice from an IT professional, and get quotes and references before you commit to any work. Even a small investment in technology will reap rewards in terms of time savings, cost savings, cash flow, improved productivity, and marketing reach.

If you’ve been ignoring technology for your business up until now, you’re already on the back foot. As new advances in tech emerge, the chasm will widen between those using tech to their advantage, and those still on the starting blocks. You may have gotten away with ignoring the issue up until now and think it’s not a big deal. Ignore it tomorrow at your peril.

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